Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year & result

First of all, I wish you a: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012.
Thank you for your visits.
Below is the results of your favorite model.

of your 6 favorite models

1. Jordan Carver (25%)
2. September Carrino (11%)
3. Jana Defi (10%)
4. Alice Goodwin (9%)
5. Leanne Crow (6%)
6. Wendy Fiore (4%)

To meet your expectations, I created a few specific blogs !
1. For the goddess Jordan Carver :
2. As for September, I'll already mentioned here the address of her blog :
3. I've created a blog in the past about Jana Defi, but she stopped her modeling career so there is no interest for me to create a new one.
I think that Alice could be a competitor of Jordan. But she only works for Zoo Magazine.
5. A blog about Leanne is in progress :
6. I'm not a fan of Wendy ... so I leave it to others to create a blog about her.

For the year 2012, I think that two models will create the buzz.
Brett and Leah Francis.
I anticipated and created two blogs: and

If you have a model has to offer me, write a comment.

Thank you & Happy New Year ;)